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8:44 PM

If you Have IMed Ninja and not recieved a response...

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

Our utmost apologies if you have IMed Ninja within the past 48 hours or so and received no response. He has become a random target of some complete idiots game of spamming. The person/people involved are using objects to spam his inventory with notecards and textures. We're talking hundreds and hundreds of items every hour or so. Since there are textures flying at him at such an alarmingly fast rate he is of course crashing consistently throughout the day. the same time...while he is crashed these items are still flying at his inventory and for whatever reason...I'm an SL technical idiot....these items are also counting as IMs somehow. So he is receiving tons of emails that say certain 'people' which are actually objects have messages waiting for him in game. As I said before we are talking hundreds of notecards and roughly 10 minutes after he crashes his IMs are capped as well.

We have dry spells here and there and lindens are looking into this and doing their best at the moment. But until this can be cleared up it is best if you IM me, Zoey Pinkdot, with any questions, comments, concerns, problems you may have because chances are if you are IMing Ninja, he will never see it.

Thanks so very much for your patience and again we apologise sincerely if your IMs/problems have gone ignored. Please contact me again and we will do our best to sort them out.

I'll update when everything seems to calm down.


Hethr said...

I'm sorry to hear about that , I hope you guys can get it resolved soon.

Hethr Engel