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7:22 PM

Snakeskin Swimsuits at Digital Dragon Designs

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

Ninja has really been on quite the creative spree and so I suppose it has inspired me as well. Two items for me in one week.....I think thats a record. hahahahaha. *gasp* But really, new at Digital Dragon Designs today are Snakeskin Bikinis, Tankinis, and one piece swimsuits. Thats right ladies....3 coverage options for those who like to bare that skin and for those who don't like to go so bare. Each coverage option is available in 7 yummy colors as well. So, what do we always love???? Options, options, options!!!!

Now I am fully aware that snakeskin may not be completely practical to wear on the beach...but lucky for me this is SL. :p So stop by the Digital Dragon Sim today and check it out. *hiss* ;)