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9:53 AM

YAY! Novelty Tees for Men and Women!

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

Ok Ok OK. So Ninja has been hounding me for who knows how long about making some tees for the men folk...and well...I did it! :D In the process of releasing the mens' tees I was bombarded with 'Those look great! Now make some for the ladies!' and one such hoochie informed me that there was a lack of shirts for women where nipples hang out of the bottoms. LOVE YOU DYNA! And so...I made ladies tees as well!

The mens tees are currently available in 8 variations for $100L a box. A box comes with one variation in 7 different colors. One thing to note is that while these were specifically designed for men...they are way hot on ladies as well.

The ladies tees are currently available in 9 variations for $150L a box. The reason for the price difference? Well I know us ladies love options so one box includes one variation in 5 colors and 3 length options. So add it all up and there are 15 tees in a box. Lengths are a mid length that shows your belly, a cropped length that shows just the under side of your breasts, and a mini version that shows small amount of nipple area peaking out from under the shirt.

Anywho, there we have it! Enjoy!