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12:22 PM

Skulls and Scarves!!

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

YAY! So some of you know that we have been the target of theft and are dealing with the ever so yummy DMCA process at the moment. I suppose it was bound to happen eventually. lol. Nevertheless that will not halt us from creating even more yummy goodies.. Can you tell I like the word yummy?
Anywho, I have made this new outfit that I titled Defiant. Now when I started creating the outfit I had no idea what it would be named and I was thinking 'Skulls make me think of rebels. Rebels are considered defiant. Weeee...Defiant!'. But alas while I was creating the ads it dawned on me that my wittle canipoo had released an outfit a while back named Deviant and I became all flustered. Oh noes!!!!! Will people think I stole her ideas???? Then I realised I was in a huffy over nothing and asked canibottoms if she minded. The answer was nope dont mind at all and so I stuck with it. :P So, Defiant is a cute little outfit that has a cute little skull on the front of it....that is if its possible for skulls to be considered cute. lol. It is available in 9 different colors and each color comes with a dress top, bloomers, flexi skirt, normal top, and jeans. YAY for options!

Ninja too has been workin his tushie off and I have an array of items to blog about in the next day or so but I will at least blog his new Animal Print Flexi Scarves since I've at least made the ad for them. There are 6 different animal prints in the set and the scarves are flexi and fabulous!