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9:40 AM


Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

YAY YUMMY WOVEN WEDGY STRAPPY GOODNESS!!! Can you tell I'm excited?! Anywho, Ninja just released his version of Espadrilles. They are so stinking wonderful! LOVE! They come in two variations and each variation has 11 color options.
Also I have released a new outfit, Cloe. Its a cute little dress with hearts....not necessarily for valentines day but kinda sorta..bleh. Anywho there are 8 color options and each option comes with a dress top, bloomers, leggings, and a flexi prim skirt.

So yeah its a short post cus its V-day and I need to shower and get all gussied up for Ninja for when he gets home. He worked today...BOOOOOOOOOOO. But what can you do.