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2:04 PM

Review Policy

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot I'm posting a review copy policy....not that anyone actually reads this blog which sort of defeats the purpose of a review policy for any new or relatively unknown designer but since there is such a hubbub about it I will.

I will continue passing out review copies to bloggers that I know of. I do not know many bloggers personally so I just look at the names of writers for the blogs that I do know of and send copies. It is NEVER EVER EVER to be understood that you need to write about our items just because we have sent you a copy....which I think is a stupid thought anyhow (no offense meant). In fact we encourage that you DONT write about any of our items unless you actually like them and they are your style or something you feel deserves merit. We are not exactly an excessively well known store and so I pass out review copies simply because people may not have a clue that we released something new. Again there is NEVER any pressure to write about what I send you.

We do NOT pick out specefic writers or blogs based on who we think will write about us......we simply send them to the only ones we know of. So if you are a reputable fashion writer and have not heard from me or are interested in our items then please by all means let me know who you are and who you write for so that I can include you in my list of people to send things to.

As always writers, feel free to contact me about review copies if I have not already sent them to you and for goodness sake have the guts to tell me you dont like our stuff or its not your style if you no longer want to receive review copies. I don't want to bug anyone anymore than they want to be bugged so please do me a favor and don't make me read your mind. lol.

And there you have policy....voila. :D


grazia said...

Hi there,

I'm so glad more designers are publishing review policies... it's not alweays easy hunting down nice things for the blog... you can only read so much about SL releases next to a busy RL. I only recently discovered you thanks to the entry Sabrina made on Linden Lifestyles... I would love to be kept updated about your releases (but can have only 25 group memberships) so If you would just send me a note when you have new thing out... I'd be so happy... saves me time and gives me something to write about.

Grazia (Second Style Fashionista blog)