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6:41 AM

More Shoes!!!!

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

Ok so I just simply don't know how to keep up with Ninja! lol. This guy is on a shoe making fact I have ads to make for new shoes that came out last night and aren't listed here yet. lol. But I am so not complainin cus what girl doesnt love shoes, right??? Any who...on to the goods!

First are these yummy yummy flame maryjanes. They are available in a wide array of colors and even have 3 different color flame options as well.

Next up are these sexy sexy S Toe Heels. I have to say that typically I am not a fan of pointy toed heels....but I LOVE these. They are so stinking classy...and oddly hot at the same time. LOVE!

Next up are these scrumptious Stair heels. I love the whole wrapped up look!

The next two are the Multi Twist andTwist Heels. They are pretty much the same shoe with different toe variations and Ninja has really created a nice shape around the toes. Love..yet again!

And finally...after harrassing him of course...we have these yummy Goth Spike Boots. These are a play off of the Spike Mary Janes that he released not too long ago and they fit perfectly! Lord knows I love me some big cloggy boots!

One thing new that you may noticed on some of these heels is that the colors are slightly different than the typical DDD colors. After much harrassment from me and others Ninja decided to tone down his colors a bit so they weren't so much of a crayon box variety and more something that would match clothes in SL a bit better. Also quite a few of them don't have bling either. This is a debate among us at the moment and with all the extra lag in SL we decided to start leaving bling out of some of our new stuff. Feel free to lend us your thoughts on that one.
As always...ENJOY!