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8:13 AM

Ninja IS in fact my own personal shoe factory!

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

Ok so Ninja has gone nuts and I love it. MORE SHOES! And I haven't even caught up yet. Guaranteed as I am typing this blod entry he is already plotting his next venture. :D Anywho, while SL is down and has halted me from my SL Exchange updating frenzy, I decided to go ahead and post these. All of these are of the 'slip-on' nature for something just cute and casual to go with those yummy capris, or bathing suit, or short skirt just sitting in your closet. Yummy, casual, chunky, studded...I LOVE EM!

So anywho, first we have these Star Clog Slippers/Sandals. I dunno why I am choosing to call them slippers other than the fact that I am just not creative this morning and they slip on. lol. They are a play on the MaryJanes that I am so fond of and they go so cute with short skirts. :D

Next are these cute Star Studded Slippers/Sandals. They have yummy stars, a chunky heel, and metal studs...what more could you want???

And finally for those of you who have had just about enough of our star frenzy lately, we have studded slippers without the stars. YAY! So yummy goodness for you too!

As soon as I can get into SL I'm gonna make some more ads cus this boy is on a roll. Stay tuned!