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8:22 AM

SHOES! As if my closet wasn't full enough!

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

Well I suppose a girl can never have enough shoes in her closet. And since Ninja lervs me so much.....he made a bunch of yummy new shoes!!!!!!! So without delay lets just get to the goods shall we?

The first yummy pair are these maryjane enspired star clogs which I have been begging him to make for months now. He also made a yummy version of them with a cross instead of a star.

Then for a more gothy feel...he made these SUPER yummy cloggy spikey balls of goodness with that sort of maryjane feel to them. I lerv lerv lerv these particular shoes and just can't get enough of them.

And for the not so gothy chic in you...but one with sorta a little edge....he made these scrumptious laced up heels. Again...LOVE them!

And last but most certainly not least he made these yummy classy little heels that are just so stinking sexy. They're very simple and elegant and have these really cool little loops on them that sorta give that contemporary feel. He also made a pair exactly like these minus the little circly loops for a simpler look.

All of these shoes come in a wide array of colors....roughly 9 different colors per shoe give or take a few depending on the shoe. And they are all yummy! So there you have it, 6 yummy new shoes for you at Digital Dragon. YAY!!!!!!


fashion said...

Shoes in the picture looks real....iam a lover of josef seibel shoes...and iam crazy