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3:37 PM

So Apparantly Primtards Can Make Hair!!!

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

As most of you know...I am the official I struggle at making boxes and lining things up and such. While Ninja does a wonderful job with all of the jewelry and pretty much everything else in our shop...I have stuck to textures and things that can be completed safely within Photoshop. Randomly, a friend of mine inspired me to start trying to make hair. I figured....this is gonna be hilarious and I went to work twisting and laughing and twisting and laughing some more. But in the end....low and behold...I got it! It made sense.....and so I will now me making hair!!!! YAY!!! As soon as I can log in I will be putting up my first 2 hairstyles in the wall.

The first style is Sayuri. Its a cute little bun that is held together with cute color change chop sticks and a ribbon/band. The sticks and band are both color change seperately so you can have red sticks and a black band or whatever combination you desire. There are 141 colors to play around with and mix and match.

The second style on the list is Nikki. Its a combination of the front bangs and drooping side curls in Sayuri and a lovely tossled up do in the back.

All of the hair comes in 13 different hair pack options with 5 colors in a pack. Anywho, this is my first attempt so hopefully I'll get better and better and eventually take over the world!!! Or just make some nice hairs. ;)


Willow said...

I think you did GREAT, girl!

<3 Love you!

Canimal said...

Awesome job!!!