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11:59 AM

We MOVED!!!!

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

YAY!!!! Ok so..copybot copybot light of this little bugger we freaked out and closed the store. Panic insued for a few hours....and then we thought "You know what??? We're not gonna let this sucker get us down. We'll show it!". We have wanted to leave our existing lagging hell hole of a sim for quite sometime but just didnt want to close the shop in order to do it. But since we already closed it in fear....we figured why not take advantage of the situation and move. And thats precisely what we did! We didn't buy a sim the rising sim prices/monthly maintenance fees we just can't justify buying a sim with the current money we make....but hopefully we will soon. However we were able to upgrade to a quarter of a sim and boy do we love it.

Ninja began building the shop and realized quickly that he had no idea what he wanted. So I was called into the room and was in the exact same boat. So...we gave in and called the fabulous Grim brothers in on the project. We've never really spoken to these two before but let me tell you we are so glad we did. These boys are a shear riot!! And along with them comes this fabulous little doll named Hana....she is by far the cutest avatar I have EVER seen in SL. But I digress.....we gave them a few directions...low prims!! and they did a beautiful job. I would highly recommend any of you to look these two up if you need a build.....especially if you are relatively prim conscious like we are.

Anywho so yeah...the new place is wonderful!! We have done some much needed reorganizing to make it easier to find products and there is no where near the lag that we had before. We're in the Dunvegan sim (154, 92, 21)so don't heistate to come and check it out!