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6:22 PM

It's In the Bag baby!

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

So the most exhausting part of the holidays is over, the last bit of 'surprise' out of town company has left the house, and things are starting to get back to normal. This means that it's time for us to get back into the SL groove. But first, something pointless and fun!!!

I decided to take the What's In Your Bag blogger challenge. Why? Why not!

Before I start let me first apologize for the cleanliness of my bag. I just so happened to get a brand new bag for Christmas so I cleaned out the previous bag just a few days ago. Normally it would take me forever just to fish out my cell phone. I NEVER answer the cell in time. lol. Anywho, here ya go!

Item List:
1. My pretty new Coach satchel/purse/bag - My fave thing about it is the whole 'mail courier' style. Hands and arms free baby!
2. Maxi Pad - The single most important part of a woman's purse and for some reason the item most left out of this challenge. This is sometimes a tampon but it just so happens that its a pad this time around. Meh.
3. Children's Tylenol Chewables - I gots teh younguns. What can I say?
4. Pink Sanyo Katana Cell Phone - Yes, I know. Old news. Anyone wanna buy me a smart phone for New Years?
5. Motorola Blue Tooth - I CANNOT drive and talk on the phone without it. Unless of course you don't mind me running into things like old people and trash cans.
6. Notepad - I am SO forgetful.
7. 2 bottles of lotion - Johnson's for me and Nivea for Ninja. One can never have soft enough hands and feet.
8. Comb - My boys are about as self conscious about their hair as I am. LOL.
9. 2 pens - Prior to the cleanout there were literally 10 or so pens/pencils. These were the 2 that actually worked.
10. My 'Pretty Freakin Scary' change purse - A 'just because' present from Ninja. I ONLY keep quarters in it. Don't ask.
11. Wallet/Card Holder - Absolutely no cash in it. However it does hold a heck of a lot of cards and information. And did come with an Eddie Bauer diaper bag that I stopped using years ago. Don't judge me.
12. 3 receipts - 1 from WalMart, 1 from the gas station by the house, 1 from the bank. I won't even say how many were in their prior to cleansing.
13. Tide To Go bleach pen - Because I swear by boobs are magnetic when it comes to stains.
14. Hand Sanitizer - Do I even have to explain this one?
15. Keys - Also equipped with every little discount card I could find. Discount cards that I never use by the way.
16. 3 packs of gum - My kids are gum fiends. And maybe....just maybe....I am absolutely completely paranoid of having bad breath.


Isara Beaumont said...

Pfft.. why should I carry a pad around if I know full well I won't need it the next two weeks? The wrapping will wear through and it will be unusable when it's needed most..

Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot said...

Isara, did I strike a nerve much? The whole wrapping wearing down is exactly why I said that it rotates and can sometimes be a tampon and sometimes a maxi. The only reason it's a maxi this time is because I happened to run out of tampons during my last episode, used the one that was in my purse, and replaced it with the backup pads I had in the cabinet. I happen to carry something in my purse at ALL times because you just never know. Some women have break through stress related episodes and what not. If you're lucky enough to magically have yours on a perfect schedule then yay for you.

Isara Beaumont said...

Lol.. no, you didn't strike a nerve. But you seemed to hint that some bloggers 'leave out' the female emergency kit... while my impression is that the number of purses without is just what I would expect anyway. I'm actually more surprised by the fact that purses with prescription medication seem to outnumber by far those with spare underwear for the kiddies.

Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot said...

My apologies for taking you the wrong way. Gotta love how difficult it is to pull the correct emotion from writing. lol. Yea, I did insinuate that most bloggers have left out their emergency tampons because many of them I do feel did. But it wasn't an attack or out of anger at all. I just found it humorous that in this day and age some women can talk about anything under the sun but still remain embarrassed at the mention of menstruation or anything relating to it. I did notice though that the majority of those who have taken the challenge within the last 24 hours have at least acknowledged that one was in the purse. Now that you mention it though, the lack of spare undies is actually really surprising. Mine are 6 and 8 so there are no need for them. But when they were younger I always had a spare pair. Granted I used the diaper bag as my purse though.