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11:17 PM

It's Photo Contest Time!

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

So we've seen a lot of places doing photo contests over the past year or so and we figured we'd give it a try. Depending on how this goes, we may have more in the future with bigger prizes! And here we go!

Digital Dragon Designs Photo Competition Rules and Instructions.
For this competition we are looking for creative unique photos of you in our products. We want the best representation of DDD possible.

You MUST use at least one of our products. Whether you use skins, jewelry, shoes, or even eye glitter is totally up to you. You just have to be wearing AT LEAST one of our products. We would like for you to use our poses in your ads but this is not a must. However a pose can not be the only thing 'worn' in your submission.

All Submissions MUST be in no later than July 10th. Winners will be announced July 12th.

You may submit multiple photos but only one can win per avatar. In other words, you cannot win both the 1st and 4th prize or any combination of prizes.

Instructions for Submissions:

1. Create a new folder and title it !(DDD Photo Contest)! - your name . Example: !(DDD Photo Contest)! - Zoey Pinkdot . If your folder is not named like this it may be overlooked as my inventory is a mess. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MISSED ADMISSIONS DUE TO YOU NOT FOLLOWING THESE INSTRUCTIONS.

2. Take a photo of you in our products. You can submit them as is or edit them to your hearts content. We are looking for uniqueness and creativity as well as how well our products are portrayed in your photo. Place your photo into the folder created before.

3. Pass this folder to Zoey Pinkdot. Make sure your photo is FULL PERMISSIONS before passing it over.


1st Place - $5000L and a $5000L giftcard to our sim.
2nd Place - $2000L and a $2000L giftcard to our sim.
3rd Place - $1000L and a $1000L giftcard to our sim.
4th Place - $500L and a $500L giftcard to our sim.

All winning photos will also be featured on the sim.

All giftcards have no expiration and can be used immediatly or held for future releases.

Photos will be judged by Zoey Pinkdot and Ninja Petion and we will choose the photos that we feel encompass Digital Dragon the most. Anyone can enter.

If you have any questions concerning the contest or our products please contact Zoey Pinkdot.

EDIT: Items from the Lovekraft Ink shop on the sim CANNOT be counted as submissions. These are not DDD items and are created by a friend of ours.

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