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5:15 PM

Rockstar Boots from Digital Dragon Designs!

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

Nummy nummy!!! New boots AGAIN! These ones are called Rockstar and have a yummy, edgy, strappy, buckly, spikey set of straps around the ankle. These are available for 16 different color combinations AND are part of our half off sale as well. Be sure to stop by and pick em up while they are at half price AND stay tuned for the winning freebie for today!! I'll be announcing it and placing new items to vote for in about an hour! Digital Dragon (113, 113, 23)


Delilah Karas said...

Is that outfit in the ad also available?

Ninja Petion & Zoey Pinkdot said...

Hiyas delilah! That outfit in the ad is actually pieced together from a few places. There was someone else on the blogosphere who pieced parts of it together and I just loved it so I went nuts with it.

The skirt and jean jacket are from Nyte N Day.

The undershirt is part of the Perky set from Winter Moon.

The gloves are from Draconic Kiss.

Collar is from Eat Rice.

Hair is Armidi.

Skin is Tuli.

Tats are from Etchd.

Piercings, Earrings, and Boots are from Digital Dragon.

Hope that helps.