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6:01 PM

12 Freebies For 12 Days at Digital Dragon Designs!

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

Ok so originally when Ninja and I planned this freebie giveaway months ago we were pretty excited. We decided to go with a '12 Days of Christmas' theme and give a new freebie away for 12 consecutive days up until Christmas. But then as weeks passed we thought it was a great idea but needed a little bit of pizazz. So.....we mixed it up a bit. Starting today we are going to give away one freebie everyday for the next 12 days....EXCEPT.....YOU get to vote on the freebie!!!! Today we will go ahead and pick the beginning freebie but next to it there will be a voting center with 3 freebie options for tomorrow. Simply click the voting box and select which of the 3 items next to it you would want free the most for the following day from the drop down menu. At the end of 24 hours we will tally the results and the winning item will in fact be FREE for the next 24 hours!! Be sure to come by EVERY day to get the Winning Freebie for that day AND vote which item you would like to see free the next day!!

The item we have selected to start off this whole escapade is a pair of our yummy new Fashionista Boots!!

AND don't forget that nearly everything on the sim is half off until Christmas! So come on down, grab your freebie, vote, and fill those shopping bags! Digital Dragon (113, 113, 23)


Jane2 said...

OMG these are fabulous and now I must spend $$$ on your footwear. I've ruined many a boot top trying to adjust for my RL-looking avatar calves, and have really given up trying them, and these fit fabulously! And have that great "you want me but you can't afford me" look...they're like crack, the first hit's free!