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1:38 PM

Store With Tons Of Ripped Items : Urban Trendz

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

Ok Ok I've never actually ranted or raved on this blog before because I want to keep this blog as professional as possible. But...well...I'm about to rant...and rave...with some serious anger. It is however business related so I would consider myself allowed. A few months ago Ninja and I filed a DMCA claim against a couple of complete sleeze bags who blatantly took several pairs of our shoes and pieces of our jewelry and recreated them prim for freaking prim. The idiots were even dumb enough to use the exact full permissions shoe base created by me in their boxes for sale. So we filed a DMCA claim and of course it was approved because the evidence was so rediculously blatant. LL takes all of their content down. YAY!

Then about a week later I realise those jerks have placed the items back up...tweaked a few of them and put their own shoe bases in them but still the same freaking items. And they have of course banned me from their land but camera constraints are so easy to get around. And now I am going to put them on blast. Some of you may think its unprofessional of me....but I don't. And honestly I know for a fact that they have stolen/ripped items from other designers and I hope that by putting them on blast a few of you will place the items to the appropriate designers and more DMCA claims will be filed.

The avatars in question are Jahney Basiat and Devin Calhoun and there shop is called Urban Trendz. The store is located at Catalpa (60, 233, 87). I really do encourage all designers to stop by and look...specefically if you create urban clothing, jewelry, hats, glasses, bandanas, weapons, or shoes. Its seriosly a huge mecca of nothing but ripped items and ideas. These losers have no creativity at all.

I apologise to anyone who thinks that posting this was in bad taste but I assure you that this is the absolute last resort on my part. I contacted the creators and received no response. I then filed a DMCA claim and it was approved. They placed the items back up for sale after they were taken down and I contacted them again....this time several times....and received no response. I then contacted Linden Labs again. I contacted the creators response. And now, as I am trying to figure out the ins and outs of filing a lawsuit, I am placing them on blast as I feel I have no other choice.

Hopefully justice will be served....probably not though. People suck. :/


Starley said...

Suck! So sorry this is happening to you guys.

What is blast? Some sort of group ban or something?

Ninja Petion & Zoey Pinkdot said...

*snuggles Starley* thankies so much for the concern Starleykins. I suppose it was only a matter of time right? lolol.

But no...putting someone on blast is basically ratting them out to the public or publicly exposing them. I'm a dork. lolol.