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9:23 PM

I Promise We Are Still Alive!!!

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

Ok Ok its been a while since I last posted anything. Spring break with Ninja and the kids kinda took hold of me and I just simply didnt get around to advertising this new yummy stuff. I deserve a spanking. ;) But really...lots new at Digital Dragon Designs. Some of it has been out for a while and some is fresh out tonight. So..without further ado...on with the pictures!!!!

New Heels:

These come in both silver and gold know we're all about the options...and tons of colors.
These come in 3 different styles and a wide array of colors.
These come in 2 different heel styles guessed it...a wide array of colors.

New Jewelry:

All of the jewelry listed is available in both platinum and gold and some styles are available in a diamond or no diamond option. All necklaces can most certainly be resized to fit anyone so even though it may look like they are only for a man.....we can indulge too ladies. ;) you can see....lots and lots of new stuff. And if you havent done so yet, make sure you stop by our new sim. Digital Dragon ( 113,113,23). ENJOY!!


Willis said...


Me first, ME FIRST

*spanks zoey*


I miss you sooooooooooo much, you need to come on YIM more missypants!!!

<3<3<3 love you <3<3<3

Oh and AWESOME stuffage!