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2:42 PM

Enough with the shoes already....

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

Ok not really. Bring em on! Ninja is making shoes almost as quickly as I go through outfits and skins....almost! lol. But ok I won't keep you from the we go!

First he made these 2 yummy new shoes, Classy and Classy II. They are both the exact same shoe except one design has a black base with colr accents on the straps while the other shoe has a colored base with black accents. Talk about options! And who doesnt love option?!

Next we have our Full Twist and Full Toe Twist Designs. They have the same basic designs and colors except one has a more full toe and a completely full back while the other has both twisted toe and back straps.

I've seriously died and gone to shoe heaven. Love this man!