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9:05 AM

NEW Rings & Things Collection

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

YAY! Ok so we know you're probably going 'WAHHHH!! This isn't the pimp & ho jewelry they usually create!' and you are sooooooo right. We are so very excited to release our new Rings & Things Collection. At the moment they can be purchased as seperates, the necklace and the cuffs, but they are only $150L so if you decide you want the whole set its still within a decent price range. There are currently 15 different colors to choose from and the cuffs match the necklaces perfectly. Shown here are Sky Blue and Gold Shine. They're absolutely least we think so....and the colors are not your usual run of the mill blues, reds, & greens. Stop by Digital Dragon Designs in the Keundott Sim and check em out. If you don't like can kick Zoey in the shin. :p