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8:14 PM

Body Chains for the freak in you!

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

Ok so we decided to do a little something different. You're either gonna love em or hate em..don't think there can be an in between. :D This is our new Body Chains set for men. Its a set of chains that wraps around your waste and then wrap around your arms and dangle down to the ground from your wrists. The chains that hang from your wrist are flexi and there is an option of having the chain criss cross over your torso or not. The sets come in gray and black (pictured here) and are 250L for a set. So..yeah....calling all freaks alike.....come on down to Digital Dragon Designs and get this set. We don't have a set for the ladies yet...but I am thinking of making Ninja make one. :D Hope you Enjoy!!

* as a note of caution....
the yellow in the chains is merely my inability to get the background color out from the tiny chain don't worry...its not really there! ;)