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9:04 PM

To Whom It May Concern......

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

*Edit* To further clarify, I am specifically speaking about those who edit their posts and alter posting times to push their posting back on top. There are those who just stay at the top and never move and those are generally due to some issues within the blog site they use. That is not who I am speaking about. This was specefically directed to those who are seen at the top of the feed, move their way down the feed, and then are randomly at top again due to sneaky little tricks.

Earlier I posted about our newest addition to the store and 15 minutes later my post was shoved all the way to the bottom of the feed and some that were originally below my post 'magically' wound up above me again. It's getting out of hand to a very rediculous degree.

Stop using dirty tricks to constantly push your blog to the top of the fashion feed. You all know who you are. Its rude and extremely disrespectful to the rest of the fashion community. Stop being such a jerkface and stay in line with all the other children.

That is all.


Kristi Maurer said...

*loud crazy applause!!!*

Omg, how many times do we need to read about bad hair and leather skirts? Seriously!

Noirran said...

oh wow, I always wondered why my post were always near the bottom...I had no clue ;(

Lexi Morgan said...

*hopes that you're not referring to my skirts from yesterday* ?
If so, I cannot help that it gets pushed back up top when comments are made on my blog. If there is a way to prevent that from happening please do tell!