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5:31 PM


Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

Ok so after much back and forth on the subject...and the occasional arsehat coming into our update group and spamming 10L and freebies and uber l33t stolen goods....we decided to give this Subscribe-O-Matic thing a shot. So basically, after 2 weeks is up, we will decide whether or not we like it enough to keep it and delete our in world update group. So...go join! Its right at the teleport spot when you teleport to our sim. In fact, you don't even have to move cus you'll be facing it. I couldn't have possibly made it any easier for you. Just click the sign right in front of your face to join and then either tp out or go do some shopification (I would prefer you choose the second of course ;)).

Also don't forget the photo contest we're holding. The sign with the info is also right there at the teleport spot.

AND don't forget to join our flickr group.

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