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2:23 PM

Digital Dragon at Fashion Expo 2008!!

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

Yay! We are so very very proud and happy to be a part of the lovely RFL fashion expo! I won't bore you with all the chit chat but just want to say a quick thank you to those that invited us to be a part of this. It was and is an honor!

We have released several new things that you can find at the expo, from clothing, to sculpty shoes, to poses. So let get on to the goods.
First up we have a new pose set inspired by poses from manga and anime:

And then we have new sculpted Classic Slide heels. These are available in both a gold and silver finish as well as 8 different color options.

Also on the table are some new sculpted Suede Slide heels. These are available in 8 different color options.

There are also 3 new outfits available. Sizzle is a sexy lingerie set that is available in 7 color options. Daisy is an adorable little babydoll top with a pair of cut off jean shorts that is available in 6 color options. Tranquil is a beautiful dress that is available in 6 color options.

We have also created some special edition RFL items. All proceeds from these items goes to the American Cancer Society. For this I have created a limited edition pink of the Daisy outfit and Ninja has crafted these adorable pieces of prim jewelry.

And finally we have created a one of a kind item to be auctioned off at a fashion show at the expo. It consists of a special purple edition of the Sizzle lingerie line as well as a matching set of purple Suede Slide sculpted heels. All proceeds from the auction go to the American Cancer Society.

These are all the yummy nummy new items that can be found at our booth at the expo. be sure to stop by and check it all out before its over!

Digital Dragon Designs at Fashion Expo 2008, Unity Park (146, 95, 29)