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10:41 AM

Cute Querky Poses at Digital Dragon Designs

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

Ok so I know its been a while...and I still haven't finished the skins..BUT we have been working so hard on little things to improve the experience of our customers and are working on little tweeks to help us speed up customer service. Small things...but things thathave required a lot of time.

But we're still working on a ton of projects too and we've finally finished one of em. POSES! Yummy, cute, querky little poses. :D These are available as a 20 pack set or you can purchase them as singles. Be sure to come by the store and try out the demos before buying them. AND if you look closely in the can catch a glimpse of some super cute flats that we should be releasing soon for your little tootsies' pleasure.