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3:27 PM

TAG I'm it! :D

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

Ok, somehow I was tagged. Who knew I had friends??!! lol. You three should know by now how long winded I am. So here we go. muhahahahaha.

Here are the rules:

(1) Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
(2) People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.
(3) At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.(4) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

8 things about Zoey Pinkdot:

1. I am absolutely positively terrified of bridges. I have this horrible feeling in my gut when I drive over them and I just KNOW that at any moment that bridge is going to collapse. While driving over them I will quickly run through my head how exactly I am going to unbuckle and get the kids and Ninja out and I begin to panic....'what if the windows won't open'...'what if i can't get my seatbelt undone'. Its this whole silent panic that happens inside of me. And now you know I'm crazy. :D

2. I have been clinically diagnosed with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). Not to the extent of driving back home 20 times to make sure the oven is turned off or anything even remotely as severe. But I do panic and obsess about bad things happening to my children or family members. I check to see if my children are still breathing several times a night. I check to make sure the doors are locked in the house a couple of times before going to bed. Silly little things like that. Could possibly be the reason for the bridge obsession above? lol. AND I don't take meds for it. :D I've learned a much healthier way of dealing with it all on my own.

3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to dip my Wendy's Chicken Nuggets in my Frosty. :D If you have not tried this, I must suggest with an intense urgency that you go to Wendy's...NOW.

4. I sing in the shower...loudly.....very very very loudly. Sometimes off key and sometimes spot on. Most often its with Ninja. We like to sing our own perverted versions of well known songs. Parental discretion is ALWAYS advised.

5. Ninja is quite possibly the only male I have ever been sexually attracted to. Interesting enough he's also the only human I've ever had 'intimate relations' with AND I married him. Go figure.

6. I have a very difficult time trusting people and yet I most often give them everything I have. I'm pretty much just an uber push over. :/

7. I love the smell of gasoline. I don't know what it is. No I don't huff it weirdos! But for some crazy reason I just find the smell to be pleasant.

8. I had 2 natural childbirths and am very very proud of that. Thats meds for this chica. Lots of screaming? Yes. Rediclous pain? Oh yes. Wondering what the heck I was thinking saying no to the epidural? Oh God yes. But it was the most rewarding thing I've ever done in my life and if I had a third child, it too would be a natural birth.

I could go on...but I so won't bore you any longer. Now for the hard part...tagging 8 more people. Most of you bastiches have already posted it or tagged me. it goes. My apologies if you've already been tagged or posted.

I tag Canimal Zephyr, Ben Vanguard, Helyanwe Vindaloo, Sinjun Soyer, bella Domela, Willow Zander, JellyBean Madison, Tina Travanti. Why? Because I can! :D


Scarlett Niven said...


Ninja Petion & Zoey Pinkdot said...

Are you shocked? teehee. Yes, Ninja and I have 2 children. :D

Willis said...

You can't tag me dork, I tagged you!!!

Ninja Petion & Zoey Pinkdot said...

Damn you!!!!! *shakes fist*