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10:55 AM

Permission Changes at Digital Dragon Designs

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

Happy Halloween everyone! I just wanted to make a quick announcement about up and coming permission changes at Digital Dragon Designs. Starting today we will begin changing permissions on our items and eventually all of our items will be No Transfer. This will however take quite some time to get it done. We have well over 5000 items for sale on our sim and nearly every item contains multiple parts. This pretty much means that we will have to change the permissions on over 10000 items. Thats a lot of stinking items! But we want to continue creating and dealing with RL as well so it will just have to be done little by little.

Why are we doing this? Well, unfortunately we are still having to deal with 2 rather consistent complaints: 1. 'My item was never delivered' and 2. 'My item is missing from the database'. We have been considering doing this for some time now but were silently hoping that LL would fix this situation (if its even possible to fix). But unfortunately it doesnt even seem like its been even minorly tweeked with. While I have never actually had an item not be delivered into my inventory (and boy do I shop), I have had items just disappear or no longer be available. In a perfect world we would love to just believe that every one of these complaints is true but unfortunately, just as in RL, you can't always assume that its the truth. So for 2 reasons we are choosing to do this: 1. To make transactions dealing with this smoother and 2. To better protect both ourselves and our customers.

We will still offer giftcards for those who want to give our items as presents and we apologise emensly if this proves to be a negative experience for anyone. But at this time we just feel it must be done. Thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding.