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11:40 AM

NEW Broom Animation Overrider at Digital Dragon!

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

Yay!! Just in time for halloween, we have a yummy new Broom Animation Override! The broom itself is the AO so all you do is remove your existing AO (if you are wearing one) and just wear your broom. It comes packed with 5 stands, a left turn, a right turn, a run, a walk, a hover, a fly, a fly up, a fly down, and a land. The broom has been incorporated in every pose. Its a perfect addition for that witch costume this halloween or for that avatar that just wants to be a little different. :D
From now until Nov 1st the broom will be on sale on the sim. At that time it will return to our normal AO price. So be sure to stop by and check it out!! Digital Dragon (113, 113, 23).