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9:12 AM

Sculpted Furniture and Gift Shop at Digital Dragon Designs!

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

Lots new this week at Digital Dragon Designs. Don't ask me how we've found the time to create anything because we've also been packing for a move in RL...but somehow Ninja finds time for everything. And so he has released some new furniture finally.....Sculpted furniture to be exact. This is the Shades set and comes in Grey, Blue, Red, and Purple. It can be bought as one whole set or as seperate pieces.

ALSO, in every seat cushion and chair there are multiple poses. You just simply sit on the cushion/seat and click the seat to scroll through the poses. Its very easy and since its a touch script there is minimal to no lag.

The sets are out on our sim so be sure to come text them out before purchasing them.
Also added to the Digital Dragon sim is a gift shop. This little shop is full of different kinds of balloons, gift boxes, roses, party hats, sparkly gift boxes, and the likes.

AND, Ninja has made these super duper CUTE little bears to give to your loved ones. There is everything from a #1 mom bear to a vampire bear to a 'Marry Me' bear to just a simple 'I love you' bear. But I think my favorite bear is the "Love Sucks" wall decoration bear. Ok maybe I'm a bit morbid....but something about it is just so cute!!

So yay for a new gift shop and sculpted furniture!! Find all of this and more at Digital Dragon Designs. Digital Dragon (113, 113, 23)


Ana Lutetia said...

LOVE the furniture!!