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10:18 AM

New Boots At Digital Dragon Designs!!

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

Ok, Ok, Ok. I'm actually going to reintroduce these shoes because some odd things seemed to be happening with the blogs the night I originally wrote about them and they didn't go through as they should have. But anyways...these are the new Lace Seduction boots at Digital Dragon. Ninja has blow me away with these and all their primmy goodness. They are heavy on the prims and I'm personally a HUGE fan of prims as they make things look ten times more realistic and detailed....but thats just my opinion. 10 colors available.

And next we have Snow Bound. These are the restraint boots earlier released but instead of a 2 color scheme ninja used a 3 color scheme: white base, black buckles, and a third color stripe down the middle. There are 10 schemes to choose from and they are all FAB!

So find all of this and more at Digital Dragon Designs. Digital Dragon ( 113, 113, 23). Enjoy!!