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1:18 PM

Wedges and Watches and Boots.....OH MY!!!!!!

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

We've released quite a few different things this week and let me just say it was exhausting. lol! But no really....Ninja has made two very very awesome new pairs of shoes. One is a very Vintage style wedge with adorable little bows that are strapped over the tips of your tootsies. The other is a really awesome Mid-Calf bikerish style boot for both the ladies and the gents. Both are uber yummy!

Not looking for something to cover those toosies? Well then we've also released 2 new things for your wrists as well. One is this really awesome set of Goth Skull Watches. The set comes with a watch and a matching bracelet AND fits both a male and a female. The second thing is this awesome set of bracelets. There are 4 different styles and they are all sort of a mixture of straps, loops, spikes, and studs. The sets come with 2 bracelets.

Lots of yummy yummy stuff this week.