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1:51 PM

Mens Poses and AOs and....wait...Did we say MENS poses???

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot

Yeppers we did! We created a few more things in the line of poses. Can you say obsessed?? But don't worry...we've got a few really HOT shoe designs up our sleeves as well. Anywho. We've created the Zoey Ao and the Ninja Ao. 2 different animation overriders guessed it...both a man and a woman. These are $750 each and come with all 5 standing poses, a left and right turn, a walk, a run, a sneak, a hover, fly up and fly down, a fly, land, a ground sit, and a normal sit. Both can be modified to customize it. The newest thing though...and one of our personal the Prestige Pose Pack. Its a set of 30 different poses for MEN! Its only $500L and fabulous.