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8:52 PM

Cherries and YUMMY Wedges!!!!

Posted by Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot for wedges!!!!!!! I am absolutely obsessed with wedges! Being only 5 feet tall and rather pudgy in RL I have a natural affection for chunky shoes that will add a few beautiful inches to these legs of mine. Ninja has learned to stay far far away from the shoe closet for fear that he will be beaten to death by all of the falling chunky shoes. ;) Needless to say I beg him daily to release some more wedges and VOILA he has done just that! Yummy simple sexy wedges that are available in 10 colors.

Now the other night he randomly starts making these red things on his computer and I'm thinking...what they heck is that?! I look a little bit closer....and...CHERRIES!!! Yummy yummy cherries!!!!! He made a set of earrings, a belly ring, and 2 options for a necklace. At the moment they are only available as seperates but I think its inevitable they will become a set.